• Amaka Uche

Your network is your net worth

I recently attended a networking brunch hosted by Kaiya Milan and L.I.F.E Talks in honour of social media entrepreneur Karen Civil.

This session reminded me about the importance of networking!! Ever heard of the saying, your network is your net worth?  In order to succeed and get to the top of your game, networking is an important tool.  These days,to get your foot in the door, it is not only by what you know, but ever increasingly through who you know.

Here are some hints and tips on why networking is important:

  1. Meeting new people. You never know who your next big break is from. The more people you connect with, the more people you can share ideas and beat practise with.  These ideas could turn into profitable solutions one day by meeting and knowing the right kind of people.

  2. Raising your profile. The more you network with people, the more people will know about your business and ideas. This is a free way to raise your profile, and get yourself and your business out there! I was able to help raise the profile of GirlsTalkLondon and EpicAwesomeLife while I was at the networking brunch, which led to a couple of business cards being swapped!

  3. Generation of referrals and more business. The great thing about networking events is that people actually have to speak to each other. As you get talking, people may end up liking you and/or your brand.  They may even refer you to someone else who needs what you have.

  4. Increased confidence. Do you hate the idea of talking to new people? Don’t worry, you are not alone!! I have known networking as a great way to get out of your comfort zone and build on your confidence. The more you connect and network with different kinds of people, the more relaxed and comfortable you feel when talking about yourself yourself and business.

Go on, get out there and surround yourself with like minded people. The possibilities are endless once you connect with the right people!

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