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Time for a detox?

I recently went on a social media detox for 2 months. This meant I deactivated all of my social accounts apart from  my work related Twitter!

Social media is great for sourcing information, inspiration and also for connecting with loved ones who either live far away or in another country and not to mention it is wonderful for establishing and maintaining  business contacts. However I have to admit, I struggle with keeping updated on what is happening across all of my social media accounts. I found that I was constantly distracted by constant notifications or even FOMO (fear of missing out). So, I decided to do the unthinkable and stop sharing my personal moments (except for my professional ones) and go on a social media detox. The good news is I survived! Yay! Most, surprisingly I gained a lot from my experience and the three main lessons I learned were:

Lesson 1: I became present with the people around me. I was able to build much deeper relationships because I didn’t feel the need to post my every move. I could enjoy the moment and actually be present without constantly checking my phone or posing for the next pic to upload. Have you ever been out with a group of friends, and rather than talking to each other, everyone was checking their phones..busy posting away? We fail to connect with others as we are too busy connecting with the online world. Being or present with my loved ones felts so good and was one of the biggest rewards as I believe we are all here on earth to cultivate deeper, authentic relationships. Lesson 2: Focus. I was able to think clearly about who I am where I want to go with you any external influence. Let’s be very real. We do get social media envy from time to time. If you are not careful, you may end up making decisions based on what everyone else’s a doing. Whilst on the detox, I experienced clarity with my personal goals and was also able to focus on doing things that will help me to become a better woman such as reading, journaling, learning new things for my business and taking long walks. Lesson 3: Increased productivity. You realise you have so much time to do things. Suddenly time feels like it is on your side! I have got so much done in my personal life because I didn’t spend so much time scrolling through post after post. What freedom! As I was more productive also I found myself improving my life and getting closer to my dreams and goals. I recommend anyone should try a social media detox, for a day, a week or even a month!

Give it a try, it is well worth it. Email me at or send me a tweet at amkau247 and let me know how you get on!

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