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The Power of Affirmations

'I am the greatest', 'I’m free to be what I want', 'believe you are the best'....the list could go on. This post brings me to talk about affirmations and why they are so powerful. Positive affirmations are where you say empowering statements about yourself rather than negative or limiting words.

I have been raised to know there is power in the words that we speak, and it has been proven that the way you think about your life and yourself determines what kind of experiences you’ll have.

The more positive thoughts you have about yourself and your life, the more this will become a reality. Scientifically , it has proven that positive affirmations leads to longer term benefits such as improved self image, higher self esteem, high energy, better relationships and also does wonders for your long term career prospects.

As you continue speaking words of empowerment and excellence over yourself, you will start to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do, or what you are not. Again science has shown that this enters your subconscious mind, therefore affecting your behaviour and actions.

I love positive affirmations. It’s so important to stay nice things about yourself rather than waiting for others to say it to you! I have shared some of my favourites:

I love myself and treat myself with love, respect and kindness

I am surrounded with inspiring and positive people

I will make an impact

Beautiful days lie ahead

I work with excellence and enthusiasm

It may feel awkward in the beginning as you start affirming yourself. However the more you say it, the more you will believe it! I encourage you to think about some affirmations for yourself, write it down and put it in your purse. Read it as a pick me up when you don’t feel so good. Hang it up against your bathroom mirror to remember how great you are as you get ready in the mornings

Get ready to transform your life simply by the words that you speak.

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