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Say my name

As I get older, I become wiser.  I’m also understanding that the words I use are very powerful. Words are indeed power. With them, you can create what wasn’t there before. I also know there is power in a name.

I love that my African heritage places great emphasis on the power of a name. This is why you should not allow anyone to mispronounce it. I have been guilty of this before. However to mispronounce it means to lose its power.

My name in Igbo means “beautiful”.  As I am on the journey to an epic and awesome life, I am going to live in the power of that name. The power of living beautifully. I will continue to leave my mark by beautifying the world with my presence.

What does your name mean? Share in the comments below. Once you know, go and live it.

Beauty and power,


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