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How to dress for success without breaking the bank

Have you ever heard the saying ‘dress you want to be addressed’?  I know I sure have and this is something that I do my best to put into practise, especially in my professional life. In the corporate world, first impressions are everything so dressing the part is just as important as making your professional mark. However dressing for success does not mean that you need to break the bank!  If you are on a budget, or thinking of ways to save, I am going to share some of my shopping secrets to help you dress for success whilst being financially responsible.

Tip 1 – Check out what you already have. Take inventory of your current wardrobe and see if you have any transitional clothing that you’d usually wear on the weekend that could also be worn in a professional environment. Could that strappy Saturday evening dress work well under a blazer? Could that ruffle blouse work well with a formal cardigan? Look out for items that are work appropriate that you already have such as neutral coloured tops, a black dress, a blazer, or a smart pair of trousers.

Tip 2 – Brighten up any plain items in your wardrobe with statement jewellery or handbags. This can automatically make your outfit look more expensive and call also add a high quality, professional touch to your outfit!

Tip 3 – Buy items that you know are versatile. Think about clothing that you will be able to mix and match. Examples include basics that could be swapped around with other outfits. Also versatility also means going for neutral, professional colours that are able to blend with anything. Lean towards colours such as black, navy, white, nude or grey. Try and avoid buying lots of clothing with prints or things that will be in vogue for only two months. Think classic and chic such a navy or black blazer, a well fitted white shirt or a pencil skirt.

Tip 4- These days it is really easy to find affordable office attire. Rather than going for designer labels or higher end high street stores such as Reiss or Karen Millen for a work wardrobe, mix and match items from the high street such as H&M, Primark or Zara. All these stores have ‘work ready’ sections of their brand. This will also allow you to buy more items for your money!

Tip 5 – Recognise when it’s worth spending a little more for an item. Let’s face it, there are some times that will never go out of style and definetley deserve more of a splurge – especially if you are going to be using this item daily. Items I would put in this category include handbags (laptop or tote), coats or shoes! These things need to be of very good quality in order to last longer. It usually is worth the cash if you are going to using this daily.

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