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The world of internships

You may be thinking, apart from gaining work experience, what else is in it for you? Summer internships have numerous benefits:

  1. After the first few weeks of the summer holidays spent at home, let’s face it, we usually yearn for something to do! Completing a summer internship will allow you the opportunity to do something different, meet new people, develop yourself professionally and boost your employability. This is all very invaluable and will help to positively shape you and your future career by building your CV and LinkedIn profile.

  2. You will have the opportunity to earn whilst you work. Most firms pays a very competitive salary to our interns which allows you the opportunity to work full time with us, but also make money over the summer! Please do keep in mind that some companies do not offer paid work experience and can only offer unpaid work, or other reimbursements such as travel expenses covered only.

  3. You will have a real life understanding of the world of work. Summer interns learn first-hand what it is really like to work in a global professional services firm. They are treated like full time members of staff and given challenging yet exciting work. An internship will also allow you to see what opportunities and threats a company are actually facing and how you can help the company.  This in turn helps interns to stand out from the crowd when applying for future jobs. Having a real life understanding of work is also incredibly useful by helping you to build evidence about what you have done in future job applications or job interviews.

  4. A summer internship will allow you to improve your understanding of an employer/industry before you commit to a full-time graduate scheme. When I was at University, I wanted to work for a lot of different employers, but was not sure about what industry I wanted to be in upon graduation. Summer internships allowed me, and many others in similar positions to narrow out what kind of work environment was best and also gain a much deeper insight into what I really wanted to do longer term in my career.

  5. Networking opportunities. A summer internship helps you to build really great networks. As a recruiter I have found that interns meet new people who they can share future career ideas, a line manager who might be able to act as a referee for you in future job applications, or gain prospective leads from other similar companies that might be hiring. It is also a good way for you to stay in touch with the company. Even if you decide to not work full time with them upon graduation, there could be a job there with your name on it in the future.

  6. If you work really hard and impress us, it may lead to a full time job with us when you finish university. This is great as it takes the pressure of job hunting off you whilst you are in your final year of your studies.

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