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High maintenance

These days, you can pretty much attain anything you want! Lately, I have been observing a few things and noticed that the important thing is not getting that thing, but actually maintaining it.

You know, you wanted to loose all that weight? Now that you have, you need to maintain that weight loss, or guess what? That weight is going to pile back on!

You finally met the man or woman of your dreams. Guess what, it isn’t breakfast in bed everyday! You need to keep the fire alive by doing little things each day to maintain that new relationship.

You landed a great job, it’s what you always wanted since you graduated. Now that you are in the door, need will to keep up the hard work which leads to great performance, which means you can maintain your position in the company.

I’m sure you are all seeing where I’m going with this?  To lead an epic and awesome life, don’t put all your energy only on the getting.  This will only take you so far. Be sure to also use your energy to maintain and keep the momentum going. The more you maintain, the more you will keep the functions of your life in good condition.

Take a moment today to think about what needs a high maintenence check in your life?

High maintenence and momentum,


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