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How to make new friends


Does anyone else find it hard to make new, or change your friends in your mid-late 20s?  I know I did!! When we are younger, it is so much easier to make friends! From school to university, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people.  As we get older, and routine settles in, we tend to stick with the same people we have grown up with, thus making chances of expanding your social circle even smaller! I personally got tired of hearing people quote Drake lyrics like ‘no new friends, no new friends, no new friends, no, no new…’ I personally wanted to expand my social circle and I decided to put myself out there and make new friends, even though others told me it would be hard as had reached my late 20’s.  I really do love the friends I already have – they are great and I have created so many memories with them. However there is also no shame in wanting to make new friends, and meet new people who perhaps share common goals, ideas or who are in the same ‘life stage’ as you.  If you are also thinking of doing the same thing, here are some ways for you to make new friends that worked for me, even if you are in your mid-late 20s:

  •  If you want new friends, then it is very simple – show yourself friendly. Be nice, smile, introduce yourself to people, show genuine interest in what others are doing! If you don’t show yourself to be available and friendly there is no way that others will open up to you, let alone allow you to become their new friend.

  • Try new things. Let’s face it, the older we get, the easier it is to get into a routine and follow a tried and tested pattern.  If you keep doing the same thing all the time, how will you ever meet anyone new? Get out there and sign up for activities such as cooking class, gym boot-camp,  or that afro-beats dance class you’ve always wanted to try. In the process, you will be sure to also make new like-minded friends.

  • Volunteer. Get involved with a charity or organization that is close to your heart. Again, you may end up meeting like-minded friends who share similar interests or passions.

  • Be yourself. There is nothing more genuine and attractive than a person who is simply being themselves. There is no need to pretend to be someone else, otherwise, you rob people of who you really are and the change of building a genuine friendship.

Social media is social for a reason. Social media is not only just for posting ‘turn up’ pictures for the ‘gram or finding out what is currently trending online. I have made so many new friends through social media which has also led to many fun nights out, opportunities and collaborations. DM’s are not just for sparking interest in your online crush. Perhaps try using it to network with people you admire. You never know, your next DM could lead to a future business partner. This post that I wrote was featured on

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