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4 reasons why you should book a holiday right now

We live in really exciting times where travelling and seeing different parts of the world is easy and affordable. There are plenty of deals out there with a variety of alternative types of accommodation such as Airbnb or Vrumi making travel a realistic venture for many.

As we approach the summer holiday season you may be contemplating escaping the unpredictable British weather or perhaps you are nearly finished with university and are considering a gap year abroad. Or maybe you are tired with your familiar routine and need a sense of adventure. Whatever your reasons may be, I really want to encourage you to think about taking that trip that has long been lingering on your mind. Over the last couple of years, I have found travelling to be a life changing experience for me and here is why:


It teaches you more about who you really are outside of your comfort zone. In your most uncomfortable situations is when you really know what you are made of. Travelling to somewhere new also allows you to build confidence within yourself and in your decision making. I have learned that stepping into a new environment has a way of revealing things about myself that I was not previously aware of. The more self-aware you become, the more of a well-rounded individual you’ll become in the process; win-win!


I truly believe we live in such a beautiful world filled with really cool people to meet and see. Get out there and see first-hand what is on offer outside of your local community rather than seeing mediated and over sensualised new stories.  As a result, travelling links to your personal growth by giving you new perspectives, opportunities and insights.


Things come and go, however great memories remain and can be treasured for a lifetime. I have the best memories (and photographic evidence found scrolling through my social media timelines as far back as 2012!) from the times I have travelled. These memories are also shared with the people I went away with and we will have that bond forever.  It also gives you the chance to also tell some really interesting stories to your kids and grandkids one day!

I believe that having the chance to travel is also part of your own personal development. The life experiences you will gain grows you into maturity and helps you to become a well-rounded and balanced person. Travelling is a good way for you to broaden and add value to your employment and education prospects. Going to other parts of the world, or seeing different parts of your home country that you have never been to before really allows you to also see how blessed you really are.

Share your experiences with me. What’s the best place you travelled to and what did you learn?

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